Pattern Shift

#62 - A Smaller Life is now: PATTERN SHIFT

May 26, 2023 Saskia de Feijter Season 3 Episode 62
Pattern Shift
#62 - A Smaller Life is now: PATTERN SHIFT
Pattern Shift + PS
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As you might have heard in the last episode I did with my friend Zoe Edwards, A Smaller Life is evolving into a podcast that is similar but a bit different. I was always talking to and with crafters and business owners in the field, from now on I will focus more on providing business owners in the needlecraft industry with practical business insights and actionable tips to help you get out of the pull of the day-to-day swamp. 

It will however still be interesting for crafters to see behind the curtains of businesses like yours. And I'm hoping that both crafters and business owners will send me voice messages ☞ and emails with their ideas and questions. So I can make my episodes even more to the point and helpful. 

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If you ever thought about what would happen if everybody who's sew crochets and knits focused on crafting the clothes and accessories they actually need, instead of blindly following the latest knit or sew along. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries and is not always people and animal friendly. When people start making their own clothes and choosing to spend their free time in a productive, yet fun way. They need businesses that provide them with the good materials. And that's where you come in. The business owner that takes care and creating and curating in a more conscious way. You probably started from your passion. And if I may be so blunt, you probably don't have a formal business education. In fact, I'm pretty sure you don't feel very comfortable with terms like marketing, branding and selling. Sometimes the daily swamp of tasks is so overwhelming that it's really hard to rise above it and choose the actual things you need to do to make your business grow and be more visible, viable, and sustainable for yourself. And your family. I know this, because this was me five years ago. I was in my shop, selling, yarn dyeing, teaching, and I never seem to get to the growing parts. I was the maker and seller, but I'm also a trained marketer and photographer. Everything else I've learned on the job. I've got a family for three chickens and two cats, a couple of chronic illnesses and a neurodiverse brain. Heart surgery and COVID make me reevaluate and realize that there are a lot of other business owners like me. I could use my time and talents to help them. And shift my business and my daily routine to something that is fun and manageable and still grow my business. I took that time to fill in some blanks, learned about fair pricing and ethical marketing about branding, a business that can be part of a change in the world. I'm dedicating my time now. So you can feel less intimidated by these terms. Learn about them and even start to love implementing them. I know, right. So you can become part of a solid and fair industry and have some fun along the way. So welcome to pattern shift. The show that supports overwhelmed small business owners in the fiber and needle craft industry. My name is Saskia de Feijter I'm your host. And every other week I'll be joined by small business owners like you, as we dive deep into setting up and organizing our businesses for growth and personal wellbeing. Whether you were yarn dyer, yarn, and fabric shop owner, knitting teacher, or designer or a crafter, interested in what our industry looks like behind the curtains. You're in the right place. From June 9th, PATTERN SHIFT takes off and you can be part of it. Send me a voice message via PATTERNSHIFT.FM and talk to me about your struggles and questions so I can answer them in a future episode. Before we get started though. I quick reminder to get on our list to receive business insights and actionable tips. Sign up via the show notes or go to PATTERNSHIFT.FM and click on the homepage top right button. Until next time and make your stitches count.